Exhibition / Tradefair hostess

Tradefair hostess

A trade fair is a show where companies, customers, suppliers and mass media can get in touch and expose the products to the public to sell or advertise them.
While job duties will vary from client to client, there are certain responsibilities that all hostess jobs are required to manage. These include welcoming, guest lists, assistance to visitors,answering questions about the company’s products, ecc

Becoming a competent and professional hostess is not easy. To be the best in your field, you must strive to increase your level of professionalism, trying to push you beyond the highest standards.
What you need to know?
To get started, make sure you understand the job and responsibilities you’ll have. If you do not receive a briefing, visit the company website for which you will be working, in order to understand their business. This will help you to meet their needs and to be prepared to face the visitors’ questions during the fair. In 99% of cases, if the client is happy about a hostess, she will be reconfirmed for the next job.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask during the briefing, or to your agency.
When the company’s staff is introduced to you, pay attention and try to remember their names and their role (sales, communication manager, manager, etc.). During the fair, knowing who to go to when a customer asks for a certain thing is very important: this simple act can transform in a sale or otherwise into a potential lost customer.

Pay attention to visitors approaching the booth .
If you are busy with another customer, let the new visitor know that you will be at his disposal in a short time. Visual contact or hand gesture may be enough .

reet the guests with a smile and welcome them when they visit the booth . Remember, you are the first chance for the client to make a good impression.

Focus on the person when they ask questions.
When getting back to guests who have been waiting, thank them for their patience. You may also offer them a coffee or a glass of water if visitor have a long wait and are getting unpatient.

Thank the visitors after visiting your booth.

If you’ve had a bad day, don’t let this reflect on your hostess service.
Remember to always have an impeccable, friendly and calm behavior. Be kind to anyone who is in front of you!
Do not have a bored, snoby or vulgar attitude. Don’t speak behind your colleagues on other hostesses, staff, or visitors.
Do not flirt, swear or chew the gum and keep away your cell phone.
Don’t fix your clothes or makeup in front of the clients.
Always keep the desk and the booth clean and in order.
Ensure to always have enough flyers and brochure on your desk.

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