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Exhibition / Tradefair hostess

Tradefair hostess

A trade fair is a show where companies, customers, suppliers and mass media can get in touch and expose the products to the public to sell or advertise them. While job duties will vary from client to client, there…

Exhibition / Tradefair hostess

The look of the hostess

You will work with ipads, shake hands and fill in modules : your hands are your business card, so cure them. Keep your nails at an appropriate length, with a natural or red nailpolish. The hair must always be…

Exhibition / Tradefair hostess

The hostess’s wardrobe

Each hostess should have a standard wardrobe in her closet: a pencil skirt, a classic trouser, an assorted tailleur and white shirts. To get out of the anonymity of the ” uniform ” you can complete the look with…